How Does screen printing Work?

Ink + screen (mesh stencil) = screen printing! Luckily, the process itself has very little limits on what surfaces can be used to print on. Staying on trend is easy with this process, considering all of the awesome ink types available that can manipulate the “look” of the final print. Expert printers understand the relationships between the various inks, shirt materials, and shirt colors - with this knowledge, we’re able to help achieve the look you’re going for.


One screen (mesh stencil) is used for each color to be printed - screens must be lined up (or registered) and printed on test sheets to ensure that all of the colors line up correctly. Inks are then pushed through the screens one color at a time onto the apparel. Finally, each piece is run through a large dryer to cure the inks.

Here at 281 Screen Printing LLC we offer more then just shirts. Many people think screen printing is limited to shirts only - this couldn’t be more WRONG! We offer printing on Koozies, Ties, Table Cloths, Bags, Jackets, Hoodies, Sleeves, Pants, Tags and much more.

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